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CR Department

Impressed with our long list of eminent collaborations with industry experts and various corporations?
All praises for the hardworking and dedicated team of the Corporate Relations department.


Headed by Manya Monga

Manya’s refreshing take on how we should go about accomplishing our team goal makes it an absolute pleasure to have her with us. Her compassionate nature and ability to motivate everyone to work under pressure make her an irreplaceable asset to the team. She is the epitome of how talent combined with hard work pays off. Her consistency and curiosity acts as an inspiration for many. Her vivacious nature makes it easy to work with her to produce the best outcome. The sky's the limit for our Cell when we have someone with her work ethic and attitude.


We at Corporate Relations Department

From Collaborating with various corporates and organising best in class competitions and from raising sponsorships for smooth functioning of our events to onboarding the most adept personalities for our speaker sessions, the work done by this department speaks for itself.

The members of this department follow a systematic approach to reach out to various corporations and personalities. 

By using their communication and convincing skills they engage in one on one conversations with such organisations which helps them further polish their skills, thus ensuring a comprehensive development in their overall persona.

The Corporate Relations department brings to its members innumerable opportunities to engage, interact and enact their visions by providing them with a platform to collaborate with well established organisations and helps them emerge as a better individual with refined personalities.

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